What to expect from enrolling your child at EIS

  1. An international school that expects all of its students, parents and teachers to demonstrate respect for other people.
  2. An international school that seeks and promotes diversity among its students, their families and our teachers.
  3. An international education that provides preparation for later entrance to university in English-speaking environments.
  4. An international education that prepares students for transfer to other English-medium international schools in other countries.
  5. Clear academic and behavioural expectations. Students are expected to take their studies seriously.
  6. A faculty and administration that will listen to parent and student input.
  7. A faculty and administration that will put the well-being of its students, and the school as a whole, at the centre of its decisions.
  8. An international school with a solid grounding in the local Danish community. Esbjerg International School expects respect for Danish culture and regulations.
  9. A non-profit school governed by elected parents and school supporters serving on the Board of Trustees.
  10. EIS is a school like no other! There are many great things about EIS and you will benefit from them if you want the things listed above for your child.