Welcome to the Admissions Office at EIS. We act as a central enquiry point for prospective students and their families.

Guided by the School’s mission to Engage, Learn and Reflect, EIS strives for a student population that benefits every child. EIS is committed to a fair and transparent admissions process.

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Claire Hutchinson
Head of Admissions & HR


No, students may start classes as soon as a place in the class has been offered. Please see the School calendar here.

There is no deadline for applications. However, if parents or guardians want their child to start school at the beginning of the academic year in August, EIS strongly recommends that a completed application is submitted before March.

Within three weeks of the Application Fee being paid and the completed Application being received by the Admissions Office, parents will receive a response from EIS. Applications are approved, rejected, or continued for further review. Please note that an approved application does not guarantee admission for the prospective student. For August entry, class sizes are assessed at the end of April, and as many approved applications as possible are then admitted. Notices of admission are sent to those students. If a class is full, those applications that were approved (but not admitted) are placed in a waiting pool (at the request of the parents). For entry at other times of the year, notice of approval and admission generally take place at the same time.

It depends at what level the student will be entering the School. The older the student, the more important it becomes that they have a certain mastery of the language.

However, EIS has students from over sixty nationalities, and many of our students are not fluent in English when they arrive. EIS teachers are skilled in making non-fluent English speakers feel comfortable in class.

Yes, EIS has a Learning Support program. A recent Individual Educational Plan and Psycho-educational assessment report must be submitted, along with any other pertinent records describing past educational plans and services. Our Learning Support Team then determines if EIS’s program is appropriate for the applicant. We can also assist by referring families to learning specialists for diagnostic testing, speech therapy and psychological support.

Very much so, with it being a school EIS strategy that “everyone within our community takes active steps to learn with and from each other”. The Parents Teacher Association is an all-volunteer parent organization with a mission to support and encourage parents, students, faculty and administration to work together to provide the best possible educational and social environment for the school community. Led by a board of parent volunteers, the PTA assures an open line of communication between the parent community and the school

While many parents drive their children to and from school, there are also many students who use the very reliable public bus/transit service that drops them right at the entrance to the School.