Our library goals are to:

  • Empower students to become reflective and critical thinkers. 
  • Encourage them to become skillful and lifelong inquirers. 
  • Teach effective and ethical use of information. 
  • Develop an appreciation of literature – local, national and global – and promote a lifelong love of reading.Our librarians collaborate with classroom teachers to ensure integration with educational programmes, provide faculty with professional resources and guidance, support and enrich classroom learning with library resources, and encourage a reading-rich culture. 

    In addition to PYP library classes and MYP research classes, the library provides flexible spaces for independent research, studying, and reading. Library resources are continually enriched to keep pace with the curriculum to promote our students’ academic success and to support the inquiry and learning environments and curriculum across all grade levels. Our students develop sophisticated information retrieval skills that will prepare them well for their post-graduate education. 

    In addition to our school community library, EIS and Esbjerg Kommune have established a pick-drop-off hub within our school. Students, staff, and parents and checkout out books from Esbjerg’s public library online portal and then have the book(s) delivered to EIS.