Student Well-being
As an advocate for our students, the EIS school counselor works in partnership with students, teachers, and parents to support EIS’s overall mission statement. Our counseling program aims to promote well-being and academic success, maximizing each student’s potential and helping them to flourish through the implementation of a comprehensive counseling program that fosters personal and social growth and academic skills. We empower students to make choices that positively enhance their well-being and success and that of others, now and for the future. ​
  • All students can be successful when provided with support appropriate to their individual needs.  ​
  • The value of inclusive education in celebrating diversity and supporting our students’ personal and cultural identity.  ​
  • A safe and caring learning environment is essential for the well-being and success of our students.  ​
  • Student mental health and well-being are crucial for their academic achievement and success.