Students at
Esbjeg International school


Esbjerg International School aims to provide a learning environment where emotional growth and reflection are valued and nurtured through classroom lessons, teambuilding activities, and support from all parts of our school community. To assist in this aim, students participate in a Student Wellness Survey each year. Student responses are reviewed to guide future steps to enhance the quality of our students’ well-being at EIS. The responses from the survey can be viewed here.


EIS Personal, Social, and Emotion curriculum addressed specifically during Homeroom class time and throughout the teaching and learning as moments arise naturally by students.

Esbjerg Kommune and EIS work in partnership to provide counseling and psychological intervention and support as needed.


Friends, a Swedish based organization for Fairness & Equal Treatment, has provided EIS with coaching for teacher and students to understand emotions and how to communicate their emotions. Each year group has themed activities to guide discussions and reflections on fairness and equality.

EIS is currently drafting a new school strategic plan, which will include a new Fair and Equal Treatment Plan for our school community.