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Admissions Process

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Our admissions process is designed to ensure EIS is a school where your child can thrive both socially and academically and have the ability to meet his/her potential. Please note that EIS is not able to provide one-on-one educational support to students requiring this on a fixed and regular basis. As a result, a declaration of any previous or current need for special educational support, for both less-able and gifted students, is required. Our admissions process is designed to assure you that your child, if s/he joins us, receives the kind of schooling s/he deserves and that we are able to offer.
Parents interested in enrolling their children at EIS follow the three steps below. Kindly note that EIS reserves the right to end the application process at any point of the process in the event that:
• a family fails to disclose relevant or required information, and/or
• EIS discovers it is unable to meet the social, emotional, physical and/or academic needs of the applicant student.


Step 1
1. Complete a student application form and email it to us at

Handling of this form will not proceed until the following are received:

1.1. the 1000 DKK non-refundable application fee,
1.2. a passport-sized photo,
1.3. a copy of the applicant’s passport (or birth certificate if a passport has not been issued),
1.4. copies of both parents’ passports,
1.5. copies of most recent report cards from the past 12 months,
1.6. one reference letter in support of the student’s application from an educational professional who has recently had a supervisory role with the applicant student,
1.7. the School Questionnaire is received directly from an educational administrator at the applicant child’s current educational institution,

Step one must be fully completed before Step two will begin.

Step 2
Step two will not begin until all of Step one is complete.
2.    Aside from the above requirements, applicant students living abroad will be required to:
2.1. participate in an informal, age-appropriate, online interview, and
2.2. participate in independently monitored Online Placement Instrument tests for students in Years 3-11. This requires parents to introduce us to an administrator from the applicant student’s current school/learning institution so that EIS and the current school can coordinate together the appropriate completion of these tests.

3.    Applicant students living locally are required to:
3.1. participate in an informal, age-appropriate, interview, and
3.2. attend class for up to a full day (school plus after-school programming). Observers will focus on the applicant student’s:

4.    Once the interview is complete, the Year 1- 9 or Year 10 & 11 subject elective form must be received by EIS.

Step two must be fully completed before Step three will begin.

Step 3
Our Admissions Team will review the entire application only once both Steps 1 and 2 are fully complete. The final decision will be based on findings from these completed steps.
Parents are required to pay the non-refundable 3407 DKK registration fee per student after a parent has accepted EIS offer of a place at our school. Students cannot attend their first lesson until this fee is paid.
Parents can expect a written decision by the end of February for applications received between August-February. Decisions will be communicated ‘as soon as possible’ for applications received between March- July.
Prospective families interested in learning more about EIS from a parent’s point of view are welcome to contact the Board of Trustees Chairperson, Henrik Backs, at and/or the Parent Teacher Association President, Myriam Barajas, at
You are welcome to contact EIS anytime during the admissions process. We are happy to help.